Iamthemorning in Luxembourg

Marjana Semkina, musician and above all THE VOICE of IAMTHEMORNING. Her voice is from another dimension. Making you laugh and cry at the same time. Her humour is something special. For example she introduced one song: "Now you will hear a song about death, meaning about dead people and about pain, meaning about people who will soon be dead.  This is one of our more cheerful songs"

Let's assume, she is not happy with her home country.

Together with Gleb Kolyadin she is IAMTHEMORNING.

Music every open minded listener should not miss: a fusion of chamber prog, jazzy elements, classical parts, well really they have their own style. The rhythm part was fantastically presented by Evan Carson, who played on a special drum, hold in hand. He told me after the concert, it is an Irish drum often used for folk.

Gleb Kolyadin, for me the most gifted pianist and composer and also a hard working musician. He has several projects in parallel:

-->His solo career - a must to have: his album simply called Gleb Kolyadin

--> then his band project with Marjana Semkina IAMTHEMORNING

and he is also

-->working together with Evan Carson, who just published his first album Ocipinski


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