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clearly Prog


Seriously: progressive chamber rock ? Well, listen to this album and you will understand what this incredible Duo formed by Gleb Kolyadin on piano & Marjana Semkina on vocals is playing. Pure and beautiful music, no more, no less. Several reknown artists join them on this album, adding their talents to the flow of this calming music: Gavin Harrison, Colin Edwin, Mariusz Duda

They draw pictures, design melodic tableaux.... Ii love the strings combined with the wonderful piano. The voice of Marjana Semkina is pure esthetic, fitting perfectly into the melodic arrangements and adding a special effect because of her ... well ... it is more than simply singing.

Check out their beautiful video on their very informative facebook profile:















Blank Manuskript




Mamis Rezension kommt noch, Papi schreibt auch schon, aber diese Musik muss mindestens 10 Mal durch den CD-Player laufen, ehe alle Aspekte und Nuancen erfasst sind.

Fazit jetzt schon: ganz großes Kino


Nach unzähligen Durchläufen steht fest: es fängt ganz stark an und lässt gegen Ende dann doch etwas nach. Trotzdem, die ersten paar Stücke sind mehr als hörenswert, daher bleibt dieses Album auf der "Immer wieder Hören"-Liste.


Notiz: THE MAZE will ich unbedingt am Klavier nachspielen... wenn ich mal Zeit finde zum transkribieren... da müsste man doch Fagott dazu spielen können :-D



This oeuvre - yes, that's the right word for this music - will remain forever in your music library. I don't know the works of this poet, but these women interpret hin words in a way, they crawl into your head, if you want it or not. It's a prefect synergy between composition, musical interpretation by the Trio, the voice of Rebekka Bakken (don't worry, this was before she started her "downhill" in terms of niveau - my opionion), assemblage on the CD... everything is perfect. And yes, I agree with the common opinion: Try "Tic Toc" first and you are hooked up.

Good news: they are also on Spotify, so listining into this music is not difficult.


I am still rearching for more info about this band in a (for me) readable language - my swedish is not so "up to date" :-D

Well, it is also difficult to put a genre-sticker on the band: I find the words progressive, artrock, indie, alternative....

This confirms my impression: it's everything at the same album. Simply fun to listen to.

You can try it out on Spotify.

Have fun

old stuff

Would you imagine, this wonderful musician was for 2 years my mama's teacher at the Luxembourg music school. She is still applying his instructions and reliving this time with him.

Unluckily he had to go back to Switzerland, where his family resides and could not stay in Luxembourg.

But, his music on this CD remains. Listen to it on his website

He sells his CD personally - it is worth every cent. 

This is simply fantastic chamber music.

And on the basssoon you hear: Rui Lopes

As I said: fantastic.

The best: you find this also on Spotify


Since my daddy is not so enthusiastic about Chamber Music, this is the best way to find and listen to this music.


Want to know more about the componist ?

Check out Wikipedia, or the german text on the Schott-Verlag-Seiten.

The SMALLTAPE fan corner

Links to Smalltape:

On Bandcamp:

The Purgatory Pug live in Veruno:  - whenever asked "what is progressive rock?" this is my answer. It's everything and above all: not identifiable by keywords, labeled boxes or rules.

The masterbrain behind Smalltape is Philipp Nespital, a visionary musician, virtuous piano player and as we've met him and seen him live several times already, he's totally "normal". His music productions are crowdfunded and the excess of the crowdfunding goes to the organizations which take care of a specific project/subject his music is about. For "The Ocean" this was  One Earth - One Ocean

For "The Hungry Heart" it was the  Amadeu Antonio Stiftung... 

He's also the head of another project called Mt. Amber 

and he's a sound engineer, designer, producer and composer doing lots of other projects you can check out at his website


It started with a band called Treehouse Scenery which split up in 2014, when Philipp founded Smalltape. 


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